What we are

We are a mobile veterinary practice, this means that once you have booked an appointment with us we are able to come and visit you and your pet in your own home. Much of the work which takes place in your vets consulting room i.e. history taking, examination and minor treatments such as injections can be done in your home where your pet is most relaxed. If your pet needs any extra treatment such as blood tests, sedation, or an operation we can do this in our mobile veterinary unit which will be parked outside your home. All we require from you is a safe even surface in which to park our vehicle (most drives are satisfactory) and access to an electrical supply, we have a lead that can be passed through a window. If this is not possible don't worry we can usually find other options. 


Should your pet require any medication we can give you this on the visit. Should we have to order it in we will bring it to you the next working day.


For a list of the procedures and treatments that we offer please see our "What we do" page.