What we do

Our Services

Here is a summary of our services

  • General examinations and treatment of dogs and cats.
  • Health checks for dogs and cats
  • Weight checks and dietary advice
  • New puppy and kitten consultations
  • Clipping nails and emptying anal sacs
  • Vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Microchipping
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Neutering
  • Other Surgical procedures
  • Dentals
  • Compassionate euthanasia

Laboratory diagnostic examinations

  • Blood analyses for testing for diabetes, kidney and other diseases
  • Fungal and bacterial infection tests
  • Microscopic examination for various parasites in blood, faeces or on the skin
  • Tests for the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and feline AIDS (FIV)
  • Urine status and sediment

Some of these diagnostic examinations can be done at the time of the examination others will have to be sent off for analysis.

There are some procedures which cannot be done in the mobile veterinary unit such as x-rays and for these your pet will be taken to the supporting practice that we use. This practice also has facilities for hospitalizing animals if that is deemed necessary. Should your pet require specialised treatment then we are happy to refer them to specialists in the appropiate field.

A Guide to our Prices

  • First Consultation
  • Subsequent Consultation - for same condition
  • Minimum Consultation
  • With treatment
  • Without treatment
Vaccinations (20% discount if more than 1 pet seen at a time)  
  • Cat full booster Flu/Ent/FeLV
  • Cat full course Flu/Ent/FeLV
  • Cat flu/enteritis booster
  • Cat flu/enteritis course
  • Cat flu booster
  • Dog full booster
  • Dog Lepto 4 booster
  • Dog full course
  • Kennel cough with booster
  • Kennel cough on own
  • Rabbit myxo/RHD
  • Cat castrate
  • Cat spay
  • Dog castrate under 5kgs
  • Dog castrate 5-10kgs
  • Dog castrate 10-25kgs
  • Bitch spay under 5kgs
  • Bitch spay 5-10kgs
  • Bitch spay 10-25kgs
  • Rabbit castrate
  • Rabbit spay
  • Cat - Simple descale
  • Cat - Descale and extractions
  • Dog - Simple descale from
  • Dog - Descale and extractions from
  • Rabbit from

Sedation (this does not include the cost of the proceedure to be done or the drugs used)

  • Cat sedation
  • Dog sedation
  • Rabbit

Written prescription charge (Repeat prescription £10)

  • Cat
  • Dog from (depending on size)
  • Rabbit and small pet
  • Out of area (please see "Our Policies")
  • Out of hours emergency visits:- before 11pm
                                                              after 11pm £100*

* If your pet is under our care and this emergency relates to a condition we are treating then these costs will be halved to £25 and £50 respectively.

All prices are inclusive of visiting your home and VAT. The price of operations includes follow-up checks but additional treatment will be charged for. For methods of payments see "Our Policies" but we would expect payment at the time of the appointment or operation. This list is not comprehensive so please contact us if you require further information.