Who we are

Paul Eagar Veterinary Surgeon

After qualifying from The Royal Veterinary College, London in 1982 I worked in mixed practice in Bedfordshire and Norfolk before coming to Chelmsford in 1985. I joined Fairhead, Felgate and Smith as an assistant before becoming a partner in 1986 in the same practice which became Smith, Eagar and Eagar. After moving premises we became Elm House Veterinary Centre. Specialising in the farm side of the practice I saw the demise of Essex dairy farming and left the practice in 2005 to concentrate on providing the veterinary services for the RSPCA Mid-Essex Branch Clinic in Great Baddow. I left there in 2011 to go back into private practice.


I have always appreciated how hard it is for some owners to get their pets to their veterinary surgery. Over the years I developed a great respect for the efforts that some owners went to so their pets could keep well. These people always appreciated a home visit and although this was often difficult in a busy practice it was something I always tried to offer.


So during 2013 while locuming and speaking to other vets who run a mobile veterinary service I worked and planned to bring PJE Home Vet to fruition which started in earnest in March 2014.


Through my years as a vet I have always thought that understanding the individual needs of ones clients and animals is uppermost. All pets are different in their temperament and nature and these differences can have important repercussions on diagnosis and treatment. 


I met Mary in 1993 and she made it plain that if I did not accept her 3 cats we did not have a future so on our first date I gave them their boosters. This must have impressed her because we married in 1995 "Do you take this woman and her 3 cats...?." Since then we have fostered cats for animal charities and taken in the unwanted and unloved, our house has always been full of cats. We have five at present and you can see their photos dotted around our website.


While we are 'cat people' I am also fond of dogs. I grew up with them as a child starting with Suki, a beagle cross and then three wire-haired dachshunds called after herbs Fennel, Chives and Basil. Unfortunately our busy life style has meant long working hours away from home which have not allowed us the luxury of being able to care for a dog.


Away from work my interests include watching Watford (hence the yellow and black squares on our vehicle) who I have followed for 49 years seeing them yo-yo up and down the football divisions. In the past I have enjoyed walking particularly in the Lake District, on one of my best walks I climbed Great Gable, Scarfell and Scarfel Pike in one day but now it is just a gentle stroll to our local on the Common for a pint of Guinness! 

Frisby Company Secretary

Frisby came to us as a kitten when both he and his teenage mum were made homeless. He takes his responsibilities seriously. Frisby likes to help. When Ollie is busy clearing a plate Frisby will be there supporting him, when his mum is struggling to finish her lunch Frisby is there to help her, when our home is a bit untidy with stuff all over the carpet Frisby is there to push it about a bit. The only thing he is not helpful with is technology. He finds it quite fascinating, he loves the whizzing and clicking sounds but when it all goes off line and stops working he wanders back to the kitchen to "help" someone with their dinner.

Ollie Dietary Advisor 

Ollie is our dietary advisor. He came to us as a small kitten with big gastric intestinal problems. It took us a long time to get him well. Since then Ollie has been making up for lost time, if it's out Ollie will eat it, if it's not out then he will find it. Apart from the usual joints and chops he is also partial to toast, cheese, broccoli and Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage rolls. The only food he is not fond of is celery, he will take it off the cheese board but will play with it and not eat it. Keeping Ollie slim and trim is a constant battle.